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Most people view insurance as a complete waste of money, but if they ever have to pay for something that would have been covered by insurance, they will wish they had coverage. There are several different types of insurance, but the majority of them are not legally required. People are strongly encouraged to carry insurance on anything that they could not easily afford to pay for on their own.


Auto insurance is one of the few types of insurance that is legally required. All drivers are required to at least carry liability insurance, which will essentially cover any damage that the policy holder’s vehicle causes, but it will not cover the policy holder’s vehicle. If people cannot afford to replace or repair their current vehicle, they should consider carrying full-coverage. If a vehicle is being leased or has a lien against it, every state requires the driver to have full-coverage insurance. The reason behind this law is that the government realizes that people are going to want to repair their vehicle before they pay their loan, but this practice will not work if the driver wants to keep their vehicle. People should always shop around for auto insurance since it is legally required.


This is another type of insurance that is normally legally required. This insurance will cover any physical repairs from burglaries to storm damage. This type of coverage will also cover the homeowner in the event that someone gets hurt on the homeowner’s property and decides to pursue a lawsuit. No one wants to be stuck with paying for expensive repairs, and they definitely do not want to pay for someone’s injuries.

Life and Health

Life and health insurance are always optional, but they should be carried by nearly everyone. Life insurance will cover funeral expenses, and it will leave the survivors in a better financial state. Health insurance is important because if people end up with a ton of medical expenses, they will save a substantial amount of money. Most people can probably afford a doctor’s exam, but there are not too many people who could afford to be in a hospital for even a few days.

While not every type of insurance is required by law, people should carry all of them unless they want to risk losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. People will find that insurance can seem like a tedious expense, but if something does happen, they will be glad they had coverage. When shopping for insurance rates, people will want to receive life insurance quotes from local agents as well as online companies.

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